Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone has been enjoying the weather as much as we have.
It’s looking like we have at least another three weeks to go but we are still here to help you through.

I’d like to think this blog is giving you a little something to read and fill up a few minutes of your day.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.
We have heard some great news and are really hoping it is not delayed. Fingers crossed by the end of May we will be able to open for business as normal. All June parties, weddings, gatherings and a big opening summer festival for us.

Hunters Eats

We are still able to provide you with a delicious choice of meals, desserts and drinks for collection or local deliveries.
We hope this helps everyone self-isolating, vulnerable and staying home.

Please know that we take every precaution necessary, wearing the right protective wear, taking card payments only and keeping a safe distance from everyone.

The menu can change daily so please go to our Facebook page where we update this every day. Here is an example of what we offer.


We have had our first decking special guest, little Roo.
We are now providing dog bowls for anyone out walking their lovely dogs. Let them stop off for a little drink on the new decking.

We are so looking forward to all of you being able to enjoy this. Fingers crossed it won’t be much longer and we can have a great summer party.

The horsebox is looking better and better. The coat of white is going on as we speak.We are just waiting for a couple of signs to put on it now.

Once we open, we will bring this round to the front by the new decking ready for our opening summer party.

Fingers crossed we will be live and kicking by the end of May for a great Sunday summer party with the horse box, new decking and great live music from our favourite Irish Band.

I said a couple of blogs ago that there was an extra little project Brendan had been busy with. Well now it’s finished I can finally show you.

He has made these fantastic benches out of spare sleepers we have had lying around and a tabletop using a scrap piece of wood we had in the shed.

Lesley then painted the tabletops and I think they look fabulous and gives us so much more seating space out the front to enjoy the weather and view of the heath.

Hunters Team

We are all still in very good spirits although we hate not seeing each other.

I like to share stuff that we have been up to, so I thought I’d share my crazy half hour.

My friend put on Instagram that she had coloured her daughter’s hair. This was so simple using coloured tissue paper and hot water.

So, I decided me, and my daughter would have a go. Well this was the result. Give it a go. Why not?!

Joke of the Day

‘An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walked into a pub.
Do you remember those days?’

Quote of the Day

‘Accept what is, let go of what was, have faith in what will be’

Soon this will all be a thing of the past and we will laugh and talk about the time we were all locked down.
But we will look back and appreciate the quality time we had, the chance to slow down and recuperate and appreciate the small things.
We can not change what is happening so lets embrace it and know that we will come out the other side, together.

Thank you again to everyone supporting us and for as long as we can we will continue to support you.

Stay safe, stay positive, stay home.

Speak Soon