Hello Everyone,

I thought I would fill you in with a weekly report of what has been happening here at Hunters Meet. What an amazing week we have had.

On Saturday we had our first wedding of the year, and it was just magical.
All day it looked like the heavens were against us. Every time we saw a gap in the weather, we would be out wiping down the chairs and the rain would yet again fall. We reluctantly gave up, moved the ceremony indoors, got everyone sat down and the bride over ready to walk down the aisle.

But then, right at the last second, the rain stopped. We ran in and swiftly gathered all the guests. As I led them to the garden our General Manager, Nicola had roped in everyone she could find to dry the chairs. All the girls from the beauty lodge and even our good neighbour John. It was a brilliant sight.

What luck, they had their perfect wedding outdoors in the beautiful, blossomed garden. We had everyone ready for the walk down the aisle but little Maddie, who is about 2 or 3 could not wait to spread the petals and shot down the aisle before the music started. It really added to the charm of the day, and she got her little moment in the spotlight. She looked so adorable.

Then we were ready to go, the music began to play, and the bridesmaids and gentleman of honour began the walk. Claire looked stunning as she walked into the garden and Joe was completely mesmerised.

It was a wonderful wedding to start the season and we would once again like to congratulate Claire & Joe.

I look forward to being able to share with you all our upcoming weddings.

Speak Soon